Download & Watch Dragon Ball Z Movie 1: The Dead Zone

By | December 8, 2017

Watch Dragon Ball Movie 1: “The Dead Zone”, also know as “Return my Gohan”. DBZ movie The Dead was released on 15 July 1989. English Dubbed version was released in DEC 1997. You can watch this DBZ movie for free below.


DBZ Movie 1: The Dead Zone

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DBZ movie 1 Description: Garlic Jr wanted to become immortal so he started collecting Dragon Balls. Gohan had one Dragon ball on his head so he was kidnaped by the Garlic Jr followers and taken to his place. All of the dragon balls were collected and his wish to become immortal was fulfilled. Goku, Krillin and Piccolo reach to Garlic Jr place and fight begins. Garlic Jr creates Dead Zone which started consuming everything. Seeing others very close to the dead zone, Gohan powers up and sends Garlic Jr to the dead zone.

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