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By | March 18, 2018

Hey Dragon Ball fans! Dragon Ball Super will air its penultimate DBS episode 130 on 17/18 March 2018. The title of DB Super episode 130 is “The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!”. You can Download & watch latest DBS Episode 130 Subbed & DB Super episode 131 sub for free in HD on


Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Subbed HD:

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DBS Episode 130 Release date, Title & Description:

Air Date: 17/18 March 2018.

DB Super Episode 130 Title: “The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!”.

DBZ Super Episode 130 Spoilers:

Dragon Ball Super will be airing its penultimate episode 130 this Sunday. If you don’t want to be spoiled with spoilers of DB Super episodes 130 & 131 then please do not read any further.

Only 1 & a half minute is left until the end of the tournament of power. The warriors left in the ring are Goku, Jiren and probably Frieza because we didn’t see him getting eliminated.

The fierce battle between Goku and Jiren continues to take place. In the last episode, after Goku mastered ultra instinct, he clearly seems to be having upper hand against Jiren but even though Goku is in 100% Ultra Instinct form he still cannot beat Jiren. You can read more spoilers of Goku and Jiren fight from the below image.

DBS episode 130 and 131 spoilers


Later in Episode 130 or 131, Jiren launch his final decisive blow which will knock Goku out. Yes, Goku will be dropped out of the ring which will bring tears into Beerus eyes.(According to leaked images)

beerus crying

After Goku gets dropped out, Frieza will bill blast a death ray on Jiren. We don’t don’t who will be the last one standing in the ring(Either Frieza or Jiren) but a wish will take place in the final episode of Dragon Ball Super.

“Dragon Ball Super episode 130” is airing this Sunday(18 March 2018), don’t forget to visit DBSuperEpisode to “watch DBS Episode 130 Subbed” for free in HD. See you then, bye!

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