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By | March 25, 2018

Hey, Dragon Ball fella fans! Dragon Ball Super will air its final DBS Episode 131 on 24/25 March 2018. Fans are itching to know what’s gonna happen in the final showdown. DB Super episode 131 is titled as “The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!”. You can watch and download the latest DB Super episode 131 subbed for free in HD at


Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Subbed:

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DB Super Episode Release Details & Description:

Release Date: 24/25 March 2018

DBS Episode 131 Title: “The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!”

DB Super Episode 131 Description & Spoilers:

The final Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 is about to be released. There are no major spoilers for the DBS Episode 131 but you may still ruin your excitement if you read the below content so I am warning you to stop reading from here.

In the last DB Super episode 130, Goku & Jiren were evenly matched in the beginning but Goku overpowered Jiren when he tried to destroy Goku’s friends.

Jiren was beaten badly and was ready to accept his defeat but suddenly Goku lost his stamina. Jiren then blew Goku out of the ring but thanks to Frieza who pushed Goku back in the ring. To the surprise, Android 17 was still alive in the ring.

db super episode goku down

The next Dragon ball super episode 131 will feature a fight between 3 warriors from Universe 11 & 1 warrior from Universe 11. As per an interview from one of the voice characters from Dragon Ball Super, Jiren will be defeated.

Then DBS Episode 131 will feature Super Shenron granting a wish to the last warrior standing in the ring(we don’t know who he is). As we see in the preview, it looks like the wish is going to be very strange(from the way below faces are expressed)

dbs episode 131 spoiler

Will Dragon ball super will end or will there be a cliff-hanger? find out after watching “Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 subbed” in HD at

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